812ce 12-Fret DLX
This cutaway 12-fret Grand Concert blends incredible playing comfort — the result of the compact 12-fret design, slinky handfeel, and an ergonomic radius armrest — with a tonal response that’s impressively bold, warm and punchy for its intimate body size. The neck’s 24-7/8-inch scale length heightens the physical playing comfort, while the different positioning of the bridge on the soundboard — closer to the center of the lower bout compared to a 14-fret model — helps generate a meatier, more robust response. That boldness is enhanced on this Deluxe model by Adirondack spruce bracing, which raises the dynamic ceiling. For a small-body acoustic, the blend of physical comfort, responsiveness to a light touch, and tonal output make this a remarkably expressive guitar. Refined appointments include maple binding and back strip, rosewood top edge trim with a matching rosewood armrest veneer, a rosewood pickguard, mother-of-pearl Element fretboard inlays, a smoky ebony fretboard, and Taylor’s Expression System 2 acoustic electronics.

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