Les Paul Ultra PRO
Over the last decade, Epiphone has built up a reputation for offering the highest quality electric and acoustic guitars at a price that working musicians canafford. And players especially love Epiphone’s world famous Les Paul guitars for their perfect combination of legendary design and cutting edge technology. Epiphone knows that players take great pride in owning a real Les Paul. The Les Paul—after all—has been the #1 choice for the world's top players for 50 years. Today, artists like Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde and Slash are never seen without them. And Les Paul himself was one of Epiphone’s biggest fans. Today, players want the best of both worlds—a vintage look with something extra under the hood. That’s where Epiphone steps in! Introducing the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO. The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO has all the great features that Les Paul players expect from Epiphone, including new ProBucker™-2 and ProBucker™-3 4-wire humbucker pickups with coil-splitting on both volume controls, plus a weight-relief mahogany body, a “belly-scarf” that makes the Ultra Pro comfortable for hours of play, and a gorgeous quilt maple top. Like all Epiphones, the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO delivers where it counts andincludes a Lifetime Limited Warranty and Gibson’s one and only 24/7/365 Customer Service. Make your next guitar a Les Paul Ultra PRO. See your authorized Epiphone dealer today!

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