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1992年,在美国诞生了这支乡村组合——Lonestar.乐队最初的名字叫做Texassee,但从这个名字就可以看出他们来自于Texas州。当时还在Opryland主题公园工作的Dean Sams准备筹建一支乐队,经过努力终于在92年底招募到了合适的乐队成员,请来了歌手Richie McDonald和另两位前Canyon乐队的成员:Michael Britt和Keech Rainwater。在1993年1月,Lonestar在Nashville的Backstage Pass开了他们的第一场音乐会。由于给在场的一位经纪人留下了很深的印象,Lonestar成员们很快就开始了他们的星路历程。

在1993--1994这两年间,Lonestar不知疲倦的演出了500多场。1994年,Lonestar与BNA Records公司签约。1995年,乐队发行同名专辑《Lonestar》,专辑中包含了《Tequila Talking》这首进入排行榜前5的单曲。1997年,lonestar发行专辑《Crazy Nights》。《Come Cryin' To Me》成为排行榜的冠军单曲。1999年,经过乐队最为漫长的一次录音,Lonestar发行了第3张专辑《Lonely Grill》。单曲《Amazed》在榜上停留8周之久。2000年秋天,Lonestar发行《This Christmas Time》。2001年春,乐队发行第五张专辑《I'm Already There》。2003年6月,Lonestar发行乐队的首张精选《From There To Here: Greatest Hits》。

by  Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Though their name might lead you to believe that Lonestar was formed in Texas, the quintet actually hails from Tennessee. Originally called Texassee, the band features Richie McDonald (lead vocals, guitar), John Rich (lead vocals, bass), Michael Britt (lead guitar, background vocals), Dean Sams (keyboard, background vocals), and Keech Rainwater (drums). All the members are in fact Texas natives — they just formed in Tennessee in 1992.

In 1993, Lonestar played their first concert at Backstage Pass in Nashville in January of 1993. A booking agent happened to hear the show. Impressed, he added the group to his roster, and the group headed out on the road. Over the next two years, they played nearly 500 shows. In 1994, the group landed a record contract with BNA Records. The following year they released their eponymous debut, which spawned the Top Ten hit Tequila Talkin. Crazy Nights followed in 1997, and two years later Lonestar returned with Lonely Grill, which featured the hit Amazed. Their seasonal effort This Christmas Time followed in fall 2000, and Im Already There appeared the next spring. They released three more records after their 2003 greatest-hits compilation From There to Here: 2004s Lets Be Us Again, 2005s Coming Home, and 2006s Mountains. In late 2007, the band announced that Cody Collins had replaced Richie McDonald as lead singer, and that their next album, My Christmas List, would be distributed by Cracker Barrel restaurants.


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